Pythagoras Travels to Egypt and Babylon

Pythagoras - The Road To Sumer...

Pythagoras traveled to Egypt in the 5th Century B.C.

Camel Journey

   Pythagoras gained ancient knowledge from the Egyptians and the Babylonians about right triangles and Numerology.
   He believed that this knowledge contained the secret to life and death.

   The knowledge of Right Triangles and Numerology originated in Sumer.
I believe the people of Sumer gained this knowledge from ancient astronauts who landed on Earth around 6000 B.C.

   These ancient astronauts, were known as the Anunnaki and their leader was named Enki. He was sent to earth, from Nibiru, by Anu. Anu was the ruler of Nibiru.
   Anunnaki means: "Those who from Heaven to Earth came."

   Enki befriended Gilgamesh who was a Sumerian king, and passed on much secret knowledge to him.

   The Anunnaki build the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx that still exist to this day in Egypt.

   The Sumerians passed this secret knowledge on to the Babylonians and they in turn passed it on to the Egyptians.

Now you have access to this same ancient and secret knowledge !!!

Pyramid & Sphinx

           The Great Pyramid and The Sphinx


Amazing fact of the Great Pyramid:

4b / 2h = π

   Pi was first calculated by the Greeks. Pi is even a Greek letter.
So how did the Egyptians know about Pi ?
   Maybe the Anunnaki are the people who build the Great Pyramid, and the Egyptians just got the credit for it.
   Some Egyptian Pharaohs tried to copy the Great Pyramid, but not knowing about Pi, they used the wrong angle, and the top of their pyramids caved in.

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