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January 16th, 2010 at 6:04 pm

!? Unalienable Rights ?!

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President Obama’s approval rating has been estimated as low as 47%.  When he first entered the White House, his approval rating was 78%, this is the worst drop for any president in the last 50 years.  About 50% of the people say they would no longer vote for him.  The people are showing signs of “voters remorse”.  They are saying things like:  “I’m So Sorry!  I didn’t think he would be this bad!” or “Can we get a do-over?”

The senate seat in Massachusetts, once held by the late Ted Kennedy is now up for grabs.  Both Republican Scott Brown and Democrat Martha Coakley are running for the seat, in a special election.  Two months ago, Martha was ahead in the polls by 31%.  But now the tables have turned, Scott is now ahead by 4%.  The crowds are now chanting “Go, Scott, Go!”

President Obama said he had no plans to go to Massachusetts.  But now he has happily accepted the invitation to campaign on behalf of Martha Coakley.

This senate seat has been referred to by the Democrats as Ted Kennedy’s senate seat.  Funny, I was always under the impression that it was the people’s senate seat.

I guess President Obama is worried that the loss of “Kennedy’s” seat to the republicans would complicate the passage of his Universal Health Care Plan, to say the least.  A plan often referred to as Obama Care.  President Obama is going to try to save “Kennedy’s” senate seat for the democrats and thus save Obama Care.

This is actually good news for conservatives, because everything President Obama has tried to save to date has turned into a disaster!  I give you the 2016 Olympics, the Global Warming Conference, the Auto Industry with Cash for Clunkers, not to mention the U.S. Economy and peoples jobs!

This would be a big upset, since Senator Ted Kennedy has held that seat for about 47 years, and Massachusetts almost always votes democratic in presidential elections.

Tom Harkin

Tom Harkin

A big supporter of the Obama Care, Senator Tom Harkin from Iowa, had this to say about it:

“The Health Care Plan is not complete, it is like a starter home, where we can add rooms.”

It’s already as big as the Winchester Mystery House, only haunted.  Now they are already planning to add even more haunted rooms?  The final bill is not even finalized yet!

Then Tom went on to say:

“We finally take that step from Health Care as a privilege to Health care as an unalienable right for every single American citizen!”

“Like every right we have ever passed for the American people…”

What did he say?!  Now the House and Senate are granting us unalienable rights?

I thought we were endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights?

From the Declaration of Independence:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

If we allow mere mortals to grant us rights, they can also take them away!

Hail Caesar

! Hail Caesar !

Apparently Senator Harkin feels that the house and senate now have the power of our Creator?

I guess if President Obama is considered the Messiah, the congressmen would naturally think of themselves as gods?

Maybe the members of congress will start wearing robes like the Roman senators did?  Could Barack Obama become our new Caesar?

Welcome to Obama Nation !!

Larry Wolf…

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January 6th, 2010 at 5:24 pm

Terror in the Sky !!

A terrorist was caught on Christmas Day trying to detonate a bomb on a Northwest flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, MI.  Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab had a bomb hidden in his underwear.  Luckily he didn’t know how to detonate it, and a quick thinking passenger subdued him, before any damage was done.

I guess you just can’t find an Air Marshall when you need one!

Homeland Security Czar

Homeland Security Czar

The Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano made the following statement about the incident:

“What we’re focused on is making sure that the air environment remains safe, that people are confident when they travel and one thing I’d like to point out is that the system worked.”  Janet Napolitano

The terrorist was stopped from exploding the bomb, all right, but he was stopped by a passenger, not by airport security or an Air Marshall.  That makes me feel really safe.

A lot of people took exception to Janet’s statement:

Senator Susan Collins of Maine said she found Janet’s comments to be “bizarre and inappropriate.”  Susan is the ranking Republican on the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

Indiana Representative Dan Burton and former New York Senator Alfonse D’Amato have called on Janet to step down.

Later, Janet explained that she what she really meant was, that after Farouk was subdued, the system worked.  128 planes in the air were immediately notified to be on the lookout for terrorists with underwear bombs.  Of course that wasn’t much help to anyone on Farouk’s flight.  I thought they were already checking for all types of bombs, no matter where they were hidden.

If that’s the case, one could say that the system also worked on 9/11/2001.  All airports and planes in the air were notified of the danger, and all planes were grounded.  Of course the next three planes with terrorists aboard still crashed, two on target.  The fourth plane that was headed for the White House crashed prematurely due to efforts by the passengers to subdue the terrorists.

The shoe bomber, Richard Reid was also subdued by the passengers, before any damage was done.

It looks to me like the only thing we can count on is help from our fellow passengers, not Homeland Security or an on board Air Marshall.

Of course the passengers are not allowed to have any sharp objects to defend themselves, I guess they don’t want the passengers to hurt themselves while they are trying to subdue terrorists.

Let’s see, after they caught the shoe bomber, we all have had to remove our shoes before we board a flight.  Now I guess we will have to remove our underwear as well, before we board.  At least Madonna won’t have a problem, I think she still wears her underwear on the outside!  Of course if they implement full body scans, they will be able to see everything we are wearing or not wearing!  Hey, maybe some Homeland Security employees will be able to make a little extra cash by selling celebrity scans on E-bay!

How did these terrorists evade airport security, you ask.  Maybe they were too busy searching 13 year old girls, little old ladies and little babies.  They didn’t have time to search 25-40 year old Moslem Arab males with middle eastern names and heavy accents.  But they continue to maintain that profiling is too intrusive and may offend someone, as if full body scans aren’t intrusive or offensive.

Yes, they even detained a baby.  Maybe they thought the baby was wearing a diaper bomb.  Hey, even I can tell the difference between a terrorist and a baby.  I use the method invented by Larry the Cable Guy:  “With a terrorist, the diaper goes on the head!”

Watch The Skies…

Larry Wolf

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December 24th, 2009 at 2:36 pm

The Magician

A couple of years ago, I was watching a magician on TV.  He was at an airport, where he was going to make an airliner disappear, right off the tarmac.  Sounds easy, all you have to do is have it take off.  But this one was chained down to the tarmac.  But of course with the magic of television, they could make anything happen.  However there was a local audience sitting in bleachers watching the whole event take place.

So even though I was sitting at home watching from afar, with millions of other viewers, there was a local audience there to keep the magician honest.  Of course it is really just a magicians trick and not real magic.  Magicians refer to their tricks as illusions, to make themselves sound classy.  I figured the local audience was verifying for myself and the millions of other viewers that this was truly a magicians illusion rather than just trick photography.

Of course everyone was amazed, local and home viewers alike, when the cloud of smoke disappeared and all you saw were the chains lying on the tarmac.  The chains that were once holding the airliner to the ground, with no airliner in sight.  It was a truly amazing illusion.

It was about a year later, that I saw another TV show about magic.  It was a behind the scenes look at how the illusions were actually performed.  It included how they performed the “Disappearing Airliner Trick”.  It turns out that the local audience, in the bleachers were actually on a moving platform, which was simply rolled to a new location on the tarmac.  The new location had a view of a duplicate set of chains lying on the tarmac.  The original chained airliner, was of course, still sitting where it had always been, but it was now out of view of the cameras and the local audience in the bleachers.  Were the camera crew and the local audience unaware that they were being rolled to a new location?  Don’t be silly, they were all in on the trick!

Now I don’t blame the magician, his staff or the camera crew, that was their job.  But the local audience was there to verify, for the millions of home viewers, that the illusion was void of any trick photography.  That’s why the magician invited them there in the first place!  They were not being paid, they were not just being entertained, they were witnesses.  Some might say that it was not really trick photography.  But at some point they had to cut and splice the film, to remove the part showing the platform being moved, otherwise the millions of viewers at home would have realized they were being conned.

At that point, I felt betrayed by the local audience.  They not only let me down, but the millions of other home viewers, as well.

What does this have to do with anything happening today, you ask?

The Goracle

The Goracle

Al Gore has been telling the people of the earth for the past 8 years that the earth is doomed due to “Global Warming”.  When the earth started getting cooler recently, they renamed the crisis “Climate Change”.  The Great Goracle has been setting up his illusion to make the polar ice cap, along with a few polar bears disappear, for the past 8 years.  Then he warns, the ice will melt, the waters will rise and the polar bears and the polar ice cap will disappear, right before our very eyes.

Most other magicians make a good living, by charging us money to watch them make something disappear.

But not The Great Goracle!  He makes a lot of money by just telling us the polar ice cap and the polar bears will disappear.  He made 100 Million dollars over the last 8 years telling us this fable. He goes on to he say that it’s going to cost us even more money, to keep the polar ice cap and the polar bears from disappearing.

The Great Goracle is probably the first magician on planet earth, to make a living by telling everyone something will disappear, and then turn around and charge us to make it NOT happen!!

If  The Great Goracle pulls this off, he will be the greatest magician of all time.

Where is the local audience that is supposed to keep him honest, you ask?  I was wondering that myself.  I think we are being betrayed again.  The scientists, the politicians and the big businessman stand to make a lot of money from the Global Warming (Climate Change) crisis.  Of course Al Gore has already made a lot of money and can expect to make a lot more unless we expose him for what he is, a con man posing as the savior of planet earth.

Many scientists are trying to do just that.  But they are being hushed up and labeled as crackpots.  The scientists in Gore’s pocket are not letting the honest scientists publish their facts and opinions in the scientific journals.  Their facts and opinions are being covered up by the major news media.  If you disagree with Al Gore and his scientists, they make sure you will not be heard.

The powers that be do not want this magic trick exposed to the general public.  A public which seems to fall in line with the politicians, news media, big business, heads of state and the Obama Administration, who want us to believe that planet earth is doomed unless we act quickly and spend a lot of money to save it.  We are being betrayed by the very people who claim to be protecting us from ourselves.  These so called protectors have let down all the people of planet earth!

Thinking the planet is in danger and that can save it, is the same reckless arrogance that got us in trouble in the first place.  Planet earth has suffered multitudes of natural disasters as well as bombardments from outer space, over billions of years and is has still survived.  Modern humans have been on earth for less than 100,000 years.  We have only been industrialized for less than 200 years.  Do you really think we are that big a threat to planet earth?

There are those who think that “Climate Change” is a hoax.  I don’t think it is anything as simplistic or innocent as a hoax or a trick.  I believe that it is an elaborate and sophisticated con game designed to extract life, liberty, property and wealth from the people of the planet earth!

“Never let a serious crisis go to waste.” Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff

Con game or just a cheap trick?

Larry Wolf

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December 23rd, 2009 at 5:36 pm

Living is Hazardous to Your Health!

I believe that living on Planet Earth can be hazardous to your health!

The EPA has determined that CO2 is dangerous to humans.  One problem is that humans breathe in Oxygen (O2) and breathe out Carbon Dioxide (CO2).  Another problem is that plants breathe in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and breathe out Oxygen (O2).  Humans produce CO2 so plants can live and plants produce O2 so humans can live.

In order to reduce CO2 they are trying to get you to stop eating meat.  Then they can reduce the number of cows, pigs, sheep and chickens, thus reduce animal breathing, and reduce their CO2 emissions.

They want to reduce the number of humans on the planet, thus reduce human breathing, and reduce their CO2 emissions as well.  Diane Francis of the Financial Post in Canada, said:  “…Humans are overpopulating the world!  A planetary law, such as China’s one-child policy is the only way to reverse the disastrous global birthrate…”

John Holdren, the President’s Science Czar wrote a book called “Echoscience”.  In his book he outlines his plan for forced sterilizations and forced abortions to reduce the population.

Wizard of Gorze

Wizard of Gorze

The Great Wizard of Gorze wants to save the Polar Ice Cap and thus save the polar bears.  But polar bears emit CO2 when they breathe also, the same as all animals.  More polar bears will also increase the CO2 level.

Plants and animals form what Obi-Wan Kenobi called a Symbiont Circle.

“What happens to one will affect the other.  You must understand this?”  Obi-Wan Kenobi

Apparently Al Gore and his Global Warming and Climate Change followers don’t seem to understand this!

They also don’t understand that the Polar Ice Cap is not in any real danger of melting and killing off the polar bears.  In 2007 the Polar Ice Cap was contracting but in 2008 and 2009 it has been expanding again.  This is true in the Artic, Antartic and of Glaciers around the world.  Therefore the polar bears are going to be just fine.  They’re a pretty tough breed, those Polar Bears!

They don’t seen to understand that if you reduce CO2, you also reduce O2.  If reduce both CO2 and O2 you will be killing off all the plants and animals on the planet in order to save it!  With no plants and animals, what are we humans going to eat?  Along with carbon dioxide, starvation is also hazardous to your health, I believe, not to mention lack of oxygen.  With no food or oxygen, we would not be long of this earth, either.

What good is a planet with no life on it?  This is kind of like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  Of course, maybe reducing the number of babies is what they had in mind all along.

If they can control what people eat, breathe and control their reproductive systems, they have even more control over the people themselves.

They already want to control the ages of the people who should live and who should die.  What other criteria do they have in mind to determine who lives, who dies and who doesn’t get born in the first place?

Al Gore still eats meat.  Al Gore’s estate uses 20 times more energy than the average household.  Does Al Gore consider himself part of the Global Elite that decides what rules the rest of us must abide by.  Will Al and his band of Global Elitists decide what we can eat, breathe, how many children we can have and how much energy we can use?

They want us to believe that the Planet Earth is in crisis.  They are using their “Save the Earth” mantra to increase their power and control over everyone on the planet.

“Equal rights for all, special privileges for none.” Thomas Jefferson

Not even for the Global Elite…

Larry Wolf

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December 13th, 2009 at 6:24 pm

The Christmas Present

Good News!  Nancy Pelosi has a Christmas Present for us!

It’s the New Universal Health Care Plan !!

Wow!  I can’t wait to open it !!

Of course I wish the House of Representatives would have opened it before they passed it.

But not to worry, the Senate has their own version, but they probably haven’t opened theirs either.

Remember what they say about “Greeks Bearing Gifts”?  This Christmas Story sounds a lot more like the Story of the Trojan Horse to me.

Why is congress and the Obama Administration so anxious to give us a Universal Health Care Plan (UHCP)?  Especially when 60% of the people don’t want it at all, and 80% are happy with their current health care insurance?

What’s the rush?  It won’t even go into effect until 2013!  Why the big to do about whether or not it covers abortions?  Why is there an End of Life Counseling Clause?  The one Sarah Palin more honestly referred to as “Death Panels”.

Why is the Public Option so important?  Does the Public Option only include the uninsured?  Does it include illegal aliens?  Why is everyone required to have insurance?  Why cannot some citizens choose not to have health care?  What about their Liberty (Freedom of Choice) as guaranteed by the US Constitution?

The Obama Administration has made it clear that the Public Option is limited for now, only because they knew they couldn’t get it passed if they insisted that it cover everyone from the start.  They eventually intend to expand it to cover everyone, and include abortions, with no private health insurance available to anyone!

Why is it necessary that it cover everyone?  Why must everyone be a member?

I just heard Nancy Pelosi say that she wants to expand Medicare to include anyone 55 and older.  The House UHCP bill removes 0.5 Trillion Dollars from Medicare to use for Universal Health Care.  Our own government has determined that Medicare will be bankrupt in 10 years.  So they plan to fix the Medicare system by expanding its base and removing half a Trillion Dollars from the system?

Cass Sunstein, Obama’s Regulatory Czar wrote a paper called “Lives, Life-Years and Willingness to Pay”.  It is a study on the ages of the most and least productive people, and the cost to keep them healthy.  He has determined that the least productive people are under 5 years old and over 55 years old, and they are also the most expensive to keep healthy.

So apparently they need an abortion option to eliminate unwanted children under 5 years old?  In addition they are reducing care for those 55 and older!  They have included End of Life counseling for those over 65!

You think maybe they are trying to tell us something?

Just think about it, if older people die sooner, there will less burden on Medicare and Social Security.  They can handle a larger base (Including 55-65 year olds) and they won’t need as much money, maybe $0.5 Trillion less?

Maybe their Universal Health Care Plan will actually be used to heal the productive people and discard the rest?

Does this sound to far fetched?  Does it sound like some wild and crazy conspiracy theory?   Two years ago I would have agreed with you!  Now I’m not so sure.

I’m not saying that their plan will succeed.  I’m not even saying that this is their final plan.  But I do believe some people in the Obama Administration, and some members of Congress are certainly thinking about the possibilities!

Whenever they insist that something has to happen right now, that you must act right now, or suffer the consequences!  When they insist that everyone needs to be a part of it.  You are either part of the solution, or you are part of the problem!

When they say, just shut up, get out of the way, and let us fix it!

I start to get worried!  I know someone, somewhere is trying to put something over on us!

Maybe Sarah Palin wasn’t too far of the mark with her reference to “Death Panels.”  Did you ever wonder why they are so intent on trying to discredit her and shut her up?

What I believe the Obama Administration, and some members of Congress are really after is total control of every part of our lives!  Universal Health Care gives them control over life and death!  What’s next !?

Yeah, they’re really going to fix us alright !!

Larry Wolf

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December 10th, 2009 at 9:32 pm

Freedom of Speech?

in: Liberty

Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post speaks out about Glenn Beck, she said:  “We cannot just dismiss him [Glenn Beck].  Because the truth of the matter is that there is a good reason why we have an exemption to the free speech protection by the First Amendment when we say you cannot shout ‘fire’ in a crowded theater.  And he’s [Glenn Beck’s] doing that every night.”  She said that people like Glenn Beck are scaring people.  I assume that she would also include other members of Talk Radio and Fox News, such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Neil Cavuto and Bill O’Reilly.

Maybe the American people need to be scared.  We seem to accomplish our greatest feats and overcome our greatest challenges when we are scared.  Maybe we will wake up and try to save what’s left of our country, before it’s too late.

There are those who would like to reinterpret the first amendment so that it only applies to Liberal and Progressive speech.  The word Progressive is an old word that is currently being reused by Liberals like Hillary Clinton to reinvent themselves.  The word Liberal has been getting a little old and worn lately, people are starting to associate Liberalism with Socialism and Communism.  What do Liberals do when this happens?  They change the label of course.  The Progressive is the new liberal, it sounds more modern and sophisticated I guess.  When Conservatives and Libertarians speak the truth, the Liberals and Progressives don’t like it.  It pushes them out of their liberal comfort zone.  It bursts their liberal fantasy bubble.

How do Liberals respond to this?  Well the first thing liberals try to do is to try to shut them up.  How do they do this, they stick a label on them, what else.  People who are critical of President Obama or some of his czars are called racist.  People who speak the truth are called fear mongers.  People who legally assemble in protest are called by Nancy Pelosi: “A bunch of tea bagging rednecks!”

Speaking of fear mongering, is not Al Gore scaring everyone with his world wide speeches and commercials about Global Warming.  Of course they had a little problem as of 2001 because temperatures have been getting cooler since then.  So what do they do, they change the label of course.  Now it’s called Climate Change.  Have you seen the commercials where little girls are telling everyone that Climate Change is coming and it is going to destroy the planet.  They are not just scaring the grown ups now, they are even scaring all the little children as well.

Liberals and Progressives will tell you that it is OK for Al Gore to use scare tactics because he has a noble cause, he is trying to save our planet.  Liberals and Progressives seem to believe it is OK to lie, cheat and steal if they have a just cause.  And for some reason, they always seem to have a just and noble cause!

Well it seems to me that people like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are trying to save our country.  I would call that a just and noble cause too, wouldn’t you?  And at least they are only scaring the grownups.  They are not trying to scare all the children as well.

Speaking of noble causes, after 8 years as Vice President, Al Gore’s net worth was about 2 Million Dollars.  After 8 years of speeches and commercials about Global Warming, his net worth is currently around 100 Million Dollars.  Certainly seems like a just and noble cause to me !?

Way to go Al !!

Larry Wolf

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December 8th, 2009 at 9:17 pm

A Tiger’s Tale…

in: President

I have noticed a lot of similarities between Tiger Woods and President Barack Obama.

Tiger & Barack

Tiger & Barack

Tiger is a gifted golfer, Barack is a gifted speaker.

Both are considered Messiah’s by their loyal followers.

Both are part African American.

Both seem to have wives with a bit of an attitude.

Throughout their careers, it seemed like they could do no wrong.

All of a sudden, President Obama’s approval dropped below 50%, and is currently at 47%.

A slight loss of composure and Tiger Woods finds himself surrounded in controversy.

Since they are brothers in a sense, I believe that President Obama should have extended Tiger a courtesy.  The President should have loaned Tiger his Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.  Robert could have handled the spin on Tiger’s current situation.

Bob could have spun it into a Tiger’s Tale as follows:

Tiger’s golf game had recently fallen off, he was in a temporary slump.  Well, sort of like the President’s approval rating.
So to get back on top of his game he left for the course early in the morning.  He left his car in the parking lot, grabbed his clubs and headed for the first tee.  Then he kind of got off to a bad start.  On the first tee he drove over the water, into the rough and hit a tree.

At that point, he realized that this was not going to be a good day to try to improve has golf game, so he wheeled his clubs back to his SUV.  He started to put his clubs in the back of his Cadillac.  Then suddenly Tiger lost control, he got so angry about his golf game, he pulled out his driver and smashed out the rear window of his SUV.  Then Tiger took a deep breath, regained his composure, put his clubs in the back of his Cadillac, entered the driver side of his SUV, carefully fastened his seat belt, and quietly drove back to his home.

Then of course, the tabloids got wind of the story and they are having a field day.  A lot of Tiger’s golf groupies read the story in the tabloids and came out with their own fantasies of what happened.  They each tried to spin it into some sort of romantic love triangle between Tiger, his wife, Elin and themselves.  So far eleven groupies have gotten into the act, and I expect there will be a lot more before the controversy dies down.

President Obama has since realized that he had it easy, just dealing with little things like the economy, Iraq, Afghanistan, communist czars and health care.
Tigers problems are proving to be far more difficult than just dealing with a few Tea Baggers!

But I’m afraid that the above Tiger’s Tale scenario is sheer fantasy.  Because where Tiger and Barack are indeed gifted, Bob, I’m sorry to say, is not!

Hold That Tiger’s Tale
Larry Wolf

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December 7th, 2009 at 5:52 pm

Bo Obama – The First Dog

Meet the Obama Family featuring Malia walking the first dog Bo…

Bo and The First Family

Bo and The First Family

From left to right, Sasha, Michelle, Malia, Barack and Bo.  Bo is the little guy in the front, he’s the one on the leash.

Bo is a Portuguese Water Dog, but he doesn’t know how to swim.  He went to obedience school, but I guess they don’t teach swimming.  Bo was born in Texas, then he moved to DC, he lived with Senator Edward Kennedy for a while, but I guess things didn’t work out.  So apparently, Senator Ted Kennedy, the infamous Portuguese Water Dog owner, give him to Malia and Sasha.  I guess that’s one way to get a Kennedy back into the Whitehouse.

Bo is registered with the American Kennel Club as “Amigo’s New Hope”, his alias I guess?  His first owners called him Charlie, another alias?  What, the First Dog is not even allowed to use his real name, what are they hiding?  He’s had four owners.  So why has he had so many homes?  Maybe he flunked obedience school, or maybe he is not really a purebred.  I wonder is he has paid all his back taxes?

Has Bo been properly vetted?  Has he even been to a vet?  The tabloids are going to have a field day with this, let alone the conspiracy theorists.

They say that Bo has already caused more sensation than any of Barack’s stimulus or bailout plans or even his inspirational speeches.  I don’t find that hard to believe, have you heard any of Barack’s speeches?  Has anyone even read any of Barack’s stimulus or bailout plans?

Recently I was at the book store where I got 30% off a 2010 Harry Potter calendar.  I knew you would be excited about that!  Anyway, at the bookstore, I saw a lot of political books on various political figures including:  President Obama, The First Lady, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, either written by them or about them…

Then I was at the checkout counter, purchasing my HP calendar, and I saw a book called “Bo Obama”.  The First Dog?  What?  You mean even their dog has a book out? I am sure Bo didn’t actually write the book, he must have had a ghost writer, or maybe it was written by someone else, and it is just about Bo.

When I got home I checked Amazon.com and searched on Bo Obama, there are no less that 8 books about Bo Obama.

And it get’s better, there is a Bo Beanie Baby by Ty and a Bo stuffed animal by Aurora.

Bo Beanie Baby by Ty

Bo Beanie Baby® by Ty®

Bo Stuffed Animal by Aurora

Bo Stuffed Animal by Aurora

Bo also has a website, a blog and an e-mail address!

Contact  Bo Obama:

The White House Blog:  Meet Bo – The First Dog

Bo’s Website:  First Dog – Bo Obama

Bo’s Dog Blog:   Obama’s Dog

Bo’s E-mail:  Bo@GoodBoyBo.com

Who knew?  Maybe Bo will end up being the new Animal Czar.

Go BoBama…
Larry Wolf

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December 6th, 2009 at 9:16 pm

Jobs in 2009?

The Unemployment Rate for the month of November dropped from 10.2% all the way down to 10.0%.  A whole 0.2%.
Wow… Wee!  Isn’t that exciting!

President Obama said: “This is good news, just in time for the Season of Hope.”
I thought it was supposed to be the Audacity of Hope?

President Obama went on to say: “This is the best jobs report since 2007.”
I thought the unemployment rate was under 5% for all of 2007?

Apparently the president feels that since we lost 11000 less jobs in November, it is a time to rejoice.
The job losses for the prior 3 months averaged 135,000, so in November we only lost 124,000 jobs.  Still sounds like a lot to me!

However, the loss of jobs did decline for the month of November.
Now I’m starting to get excited!!
Now, no new jobs have been created, mind you, just fewer jobs were lost.

Back in July of 2009, when the unemployment rate dropped from 9.5% to 9.4%, the President’s Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said:
“It’s a sign that the economy has pulled back from the brink and the pace of job loss is declining!”
But now the unemployment rate is 10.0%?  Isn’t 10.0% greater than 9.4%?  So unless it’s the new math, that doesn’t sound like an improvement to me!
In reality, this was the best jobs report since October 2009, not December 2007!

I would like to know what happened to all those jobs President Obama claims that the “Stimulus I” package has created or saved?
Some Obama followers believe that he did create 30 jobs in Arizona’s 15th Congressional District, and who knows how many jobs he may have saved?
Now I’m really getting excited!!!
Of course even this is hard to believe since Arizona only has 8 Congressional Districts.  I believe even with the new math, 8 is still less than 15!

According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the unemployment rate was 4.9% or 7.5 Million people out of work, as of December 2007.
For November of 2009, the BLS states that the unemployment rate was 10.0% or 15.4 Million people out of work.
So unless 15.4 is less than 7.5, there’s that new math again, it doesn’t sound like any jobs were created or saved to me!

So if you are one of the lucky few who are currently employed, President Obama may very well have saved your job.
I am sure you are all really grateful for this too!

If you are currently unemployed, don’t despair, the “Stimulus II” package contains extended unemployment benefits.
I guess this gives you something to look forward to, also!

Talk about the Audacity of Hope !?

Go Bama !!
Larry Wolf…

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December 3rd, 2009 at 2:16 pm


in: Liberty

Welcome to Liberty Ledger…

Liberty Ledger provides commentary on current political issues, based on the conservative principles of our founding fathers.

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